June 2024
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    June 2024

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    Our developer foxes 🦊 have spared no effort and worked diligently on the platform.

    We proudly present a range of exciting new features and numerous upgrades! πŸ”₯

    In June, you can look forward to our new rules calculation and logic tool, significant improvements to the insights, more compact download options for the result page, an expanded display of checkboxes in the questionnaire and much more.

    πŸ’‘ You can read details about the features and upgrades on the right via the related articles!

    Features and upgrades

    Rules: Configure calculations and dynamic texts in the advanced editor

    Category: Feature | Calculation | Rules

    Discover our brand new feature rules in the workbench , directly from the FoxBase Innovation Lab πŸ§ͺ! With rules, you can implement a variety of use cases in the areas of calculation and dynamic text generation. This allows you to configure complex calculations independently and offer your selector users an even more personalized consulting experience.

    πŸ’‘ Here are some exciting use cases:

    • Calculate prices, quantities, sizes, areas, weights, delivery times and much more.

    • Display information texts based on the user's answers in the questionnaire.

    • Generate individual offer texts and dynamic content that incorporate user input and calculation results.

    Currently you need to create the rules in the advanced editor. As the name suggests, it is helpful if you already have previous knowledge of programming logic.

    You don't have that? No problem! By the end of Q3, you can expect a first version of the guided editor, which will guide you conveniently through the configuration - without any prior knowledge. We will keep you up to date…

    By the way: If you would like to have access to the rules, please contact your CSM support. We will activate the feature for you!

    Get tips on performance optimization via insights download

    Category: Upgrade | Insights

    Have you ever had a look at your insights KPIs and wondered how you could optimize the performance of your selector?

    You can now find this out very easily, directly via the insights report.

    In your workbench, click on insights, select the analysis period (Select Date Range), click on Confirm and then on Download Report.

    πŸ’‘ In addition to the analysis data, you will now also find the sheet Configuration Suggestions in the Excel file. There you will find tips and suggestions on how you can optimize the key figures and thereby the selector performance.

    In addition to your key figures, you will see helpful benchmarks. This allows you to measure and control the success of your selector even better.

    Now nothing can go wrong! Work continuously on the success of your selector and use our new insights feature to maximize your performance. We will support you with this! πŸš€

    Analyze insights in Power BI

    Category: Feature | Insights

    From now on, you can access and visualize your insights data not only via the FoxBase workbench, but also via Microsoft Power BI. This additional option is particularly exciting for anyone who already uses Power BI in their company.

    ⚑With Power BI you are super flexible: Simply create your own graphics for analysis without being tied to the predefined KPIs and graphics of the workbench.

    πŸš€ Here's how it works: Install Microsoft Power BI, download the FoxBase Analytics application and authenticate yourself. You can now import and visualize your selector data directly in Power BI.

    You will find detailed instructions in our Knowledge Hub.

    Of course, you can still easily use the insights in the workbench to view your KPIs and graphs. Power BI simply offers you an additional, flexible option for data analysis.

    Download files on result page as ZIP

    Category: Upgrade | Result Page

    You want to offer your selector users documents for download on the result page, but are worried that the download process will take too long and customers will bounce? 😰 No problem!

    Your selector users can now download multiple documents in a ZIP file with just one click. Your customers save time, stay on track, and enjoy a seamless user experience.

    You can configure this upgrade under Result Page > Product Sections in the Download or Download Modal sections.

    Display checkboxes without images

    Category: Upgrade | Questionnaire

    There are times when a picture is not worth a thousand words. Especially for a minimalist design, you would have liked more options in the questionnaire.

    We have gladly fulfilled this wish! 🎁

    The question type checkboxes is now also available without images - simply by clicking, without extra CSS.

    Go to Questionnaire > open the desired checkbox question > Pick Template > Checkbox Type Question without Images.

    Open the Knowledge Hub directly from the workbench

    Category: Feature | Workbench

    Need a little helper in the workbench? πŸ’‘ You can have it!

    All articles from the documentation are now also directly integrated into the platform. Simply log in to FoxBase, click on the small icon with the light bulb at the bottom right and the entire range of the Knowledge Hub will be available to you.

    Particularly helpful: If you click on the various workbench sections, you will be directly recommended the appropriate articles.

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