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    Article summary

    Product data

    Here you can find templates for your product file. For each line, enter the unit that you would like to recommend to your users on the result page. Think about whether you want to display articles, products, systems, etc. in advance. 

    For systems you need to enter for example one line per system.

    When recommending individual articles on the other hand, you need to create one line per article . You can save product information, URLs for images and documents as well as filter attributes in the columns.

    ⚠️ Note: Before importing into FoxBase, save the Excel template in CSV UTF-8 format

    Before you import the file into the FoxBase workbench, you must save it in CSV UTF-8 format. In addition, you should never open and edit CSV files with Excel, as otherwise formatting errors may occur, for example with umlauts. Therefore, the following applies: Always edit Excel files with Excel and CSV files with Libre Office.

    PDF templates

    Templates for creating a PDF document.

    The PDF can be downloaded by selector users from the result page or can alternatively be sent as an e-mail attachment.

    After submitting the contact form, selector users and / or your internal staff will receive an email with a PDF document.

    The templates must be edited with Libre Office.

    E-mail text templates

    Templates for e-mail texts in html and text format.

    You will need this  for confirmation emails, which will be sent to selector users and your internal staff after submitting the contact form . The templates must be saved by FoxBase both as HTML and as a text file. Contact your CSM support for this.


    Before you add the matrix values into the workbench, you can save them in an Excel document. This can help you to determine the correct values for the recommendations. Please note that you cannot import the Excel file into the workbench.

    CSS Styling

    You can customize  the selector using CSS. The following guide provides an overview of the most important CSS elements.

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